Why inventions can a be a wonderful way to teach your kids creativity

If you are looking for fun ideas on what to do with your kids, how to spend the time together in a meaningful way, or how to encourage their creativity and sense of exploration, than there are few activities that would be better geared towards those objectives than inventing with your kids.


The act of looking at the world and trying to come up with ways to improve it, the process of thinking creatively about things that do not yet exist and using their imagination. All of that are prime activities to help your kids develop creativity and inventiveness.

There are lots of resources that could help you come up with the right ideas to encourage your kids.

From googling pinterest boards on creative activities with kids, to looking at sites geared for grown up inventors that help you figure out how to invent something new– search for it and you will find a lot of inspiration.

One great resource which I would recommend is this page about invention ideas for kids.


If you are really looking for an activity that is worth while, consider going with your child through the all process of inventing – from generating and idea, to creating a prototype, marketing material and even trying to pitch it to people around you.

Create a committee from other friends and parents and encourage kids to ask questions about the invention idea or recommend some improvements.

Why not create a mini dragon den experience where your child could pitch his invention idea and raise money to create it – or just win pocket money for his inventiveness.

The invention process is such a versatile activity that there is no end to where you could take the process – from teaching finance, history, to anything really.

If you are still short of inspiration, go ahead and look at some examples of kids inventions.

Look at recent inventions in the cutting edge of technology.

Look at historical inventions  – especially if you go as far as ancient greek inventions, you can see some of the very early inventions. Those are especially great to explore with kids, as at those times creativity was most of what people could rely on. With no computers, software or modern day technology, the ancient Greeks really came up with ideas that solved their daily problems.


Lastly, make sure to encourage your kids  to continue trying even if they can’t come up with proper inventions from the get go. There is a lot to learn about the psychology of creation and achievement from this process that you wouldn’t want to miss.